Tracking the Fitness of Fitness Trackers – Fitbit is in a Class by Itself

With 68 percent marketshare, Fitbit continues to separate itself from the competition among fitness tracker makers.  After a healthy holiday sales season, Fitbit saw a resurgence of sales with the January launch of its Charge HR, a device that added a heart-rate monitor and sleep tracking capabilities to Fitbit, and took market share from competitors.

fitbit sales over time
Source: Slice Intelligence, copyright 2015. U.S. online consumers.

Apple Watch Launch Did Not Take a Bite from Fitbit Sales

One of the most touted abilities of the Apple Watch during the company’s launch extravaganza was its fitness-tracking abilities.  Slice Intelligence did observe a some softness leading up to the launch of the Apple Watch–with the lowest sales occurring the day that Apple Watch launched. However, sales quickly recovered; indicating that Fitbit shoppers may have waited to see the Apple Watch and pricing, before making a purchase. In May, more Fitbit devices were sold online than Apple Watches–with 850,000 Fitbit devices sold versus 777,000 Apple Watches.

fitbit and apple
Source: Slice Intelligence, copyright 2015. U.S. online consumers.

Slice Intelligence also found that consumers were not moving from Fitbit to the Apple Watch. Only 4.8 percent of those who bought a Fitbit also purchased an Apple Watch.

apple buyers versus fitbit  edit
Source: Slice Intelligence, copyright 2015. U.S. online consumers.



Finally, the majority of Fitbit sales online are coming from, possibly indicating that consumers are seeking the device out specifically, versus buying it on a site where they might be researching other options. Unsurprisingly, Amazon sales represented the lion’s share of other sales, at 40 percent, followed distantly by BestBuy, comprising about 7 percent of online sales for Fitbit.

Source: Slice Intelligence, copyright 2015. U.S. online consumers.
Source: Slice Intelligence, copyright 2015. U.S. online consumers.



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