As more online sales are attributed to marketplace sellers, brands are losing control of how they’re being sold and marketed online. Acumen Marketplace can help you take back full control over your online sales and understand the true demand for your products across all channels.

Get a complete view of your sales

Third-party sellers are cannibalizing your sales and market share. Take back complete control over your online sales with Acumen Marketplace.

Acumen Marketplace can help with:

  • Brand Hygiene – Protect your brand from incorrect descriptions
  • Brand Policing – Identify counterfeit or expired products being sold
  • Plugging the Leaky Bucket – Identify which third-parties are undercutting your brands
  • Optimizing Promotions – Improve your SEM and product merchandising
  • Staying-Up-to-Date – Third-party sellers are growing. Grow with them.

360-degree view of your online sales

With direct-to-buyer sales dwindling, and marketplaces on the rise, it’s becoming harder to get a full view of how your products are selling. We’re here to shine a light on every corner of the online channel and optimize your omnichannel strategy

Identify sales drivers

Understand what is driving your customers away from your website and into the online marketplace. Identify the products that are causing this migration and reassess your marketing strategy.

Identify demographic drivers

Identify who your key audience is, and how they shop online. With Acumen Marketplace, you can view your key demographic drivers and optimize your user acquisition and retention plan accordingly.

Police your brand

Find unauthorized and non-licensed retailers of your brand, and plug the leaky bucket.

Take complete control over your online sales with Acumen Marketplace.

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