SubscribeSaveDashboardSubscription offers, from Amazon’s “Subscribe and Save” to a myriad of new services, such as Dollar Shave Club and Birchbox appear to be thriving, yet there is very little known about just how well they are performing and whether they are changing consumer purchasing habits. Slice Intelligence finally shows what customers are signing up for, revealing actionable insights to power your subscription strategy, whether you are a brand or a retailer.


  • Understand whether subscriptions are currently an important driver of your category
  • Benchmark your performance against competitive brands rather than purely internal measures
  • Invest more wisely through measurement of the impact of changes in promotion, positioning, pricing
  • Collaborate more effectively with your channel partners


  • Assess the impact of subscription programs on your business
  • Collaborate more effectively with your suppliers
  • Benchmark the performance of your subscription program against competitors

subscription insights answers these critical questions:

  • How significant are subscriptions in my category? How is that changing over time?
  • How does my brand compare with competitors’ brands? How is that changing over time?
  • How – if at all - do subscriptions change consumer brand and category buying habits?
  • How long do consumers stick with subscription programs?
  • What are the demographics of those that subscribe to products in my category?
  • What impact do subscriptions have on merchant share of a brand and category?

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