SS_DogFoodBrandLoyaltyOnline commerce offers unprecedented visibility into consumer buying preferences and how they change over time, yet this valuable information has been inaccessible to brands—until now.

Customer loyalty has never been more dynamic, as new technologies enable effective triggers for switching as well as for retention. Loyalty Insights helps your understand the changing relationship between your buyers, your brand and competitive brands over time.

loyalty insights helps you answer these important questions:

  • To what extent are my customers loyal to my brand and to competitors’ brands?
  • Are there key seasonal drivers of switching?
  • What role does pricing play in drive switching behavior?
  • When my customers switch, to whom do they switch? Do they remain loyal to my competitor?
  • How valuable are my customers and what are they spending with competitors?
  • Who really are my competitors?
  • What do my loyal buyers look like, and how do they compare with competitors’ loyalists?

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