We've all heard of the "Five P's" of marketing, but with the emergence of online retail comes a Sixth: Packages. The speed and cost of shipping is a major factor in a consumer’s purchase decision, and equally importantly, in a retailer’s bottom line.

Slice Intelligence offers the first competitive analytics that reveal shipping performance and customer shipping preferences. Retailers and logistics firms can finally understand how shipping performance compares to competitors, when faster shipping is most critical and where you can afford to prolong delivery times without adversely impacting customer satisfaction.


  • Understand the end-to-end consumer experience from the customer pressing the buy button to the deliver person pressing the doorbell.
  • Strategize around how shipping preferences vary from day to day, from season to season, from year to year.
  • Target, plan and develop offers based on how consumer shipping preferences vary by demographic segment, category and merchant.

logistics vendor sales:

  • Show prospective clients their vulnerabilities relative to competitors
  • See the scope of your clients’ usage of competitive shippers
  • Know which competitor’s offerings are adversely impacting your business
  • Understand to what extent your clients subsidize their shipping expense

delivery insights helps you answer these questions:

  • How does my shipping performance compare to my competitors?
  • Which types of customers put a premium on quick delivery?
  • In which categories do consumers expect/need faster delivery? Where can I get away with slower delivery?
  • Does Sunday delivery drive incremental sales?
  • Which shippers are my competitors using for different product categories?
  • How does my shipping and handling pricing compare with competitors’?
  • What is my exposure if I dropped my minimum order threshold for free shipping?

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