Our market research products and custom analytics solutions offer brand-new insights on online shopping, including: share of wallet, loyalty and switching, pricing, shipping and payment method. All data is reported daily, at the item level and can be analyzed by the shopper's geographic location.


Actual purchase data, from all retailers, tied to the consumer. Slice passively measures online shoppers everywhere they shop (online, at work, on mobile), generating superior insights than those derived from online and scanner panels.


Essential digital commerce intelligence in near real-time. Quickly fine-tune your e-commerce strategy with pricing, loyalty and switching data, at the item level.


Straight from the shopper, retailer independent and free from the biases of online panels and self-reporting. Complete, pure data.

K-Cup Case Study

The basic facts needed by a merchant responsible for selling K–cup pods include: What pack sizes should I carry? Who is currently winning? What prices resonate with consumers? How elastic is demand? Our research shows that Amazon dominates K-cup pod sales despite an average price per pod above competitors. Amazon’s pack sizes are more diverse than competitors’, who generally sell only 24 packs. Amazon and Keurig generate more sales volume at $.60/pod than at any other price point. While Amazon prices are not currently the lowest, demand elasticity is evident. What should retailers take away from this? They need to keep a particularly close eye on Amazon. There is significant demand among larger pack sizes. Little demand exists above $.60/pod. Finally, retailers need to be wary of a price war with Amazon.

Longitudinal Loyalty and Switching: Top 5 Previous Devices Bought by iPhone 6 Purchasers

Source: Slice Intelligence, copyright 2014. Study of U.S. online consumers who pre-ordered the iPhone 6 the weekend of September 12-14. N=5,703 online shoppers.

days from ship to door: Target vs. Wal-Mart

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