Slice Intelligence is the alchemy of
rocket science + data science

Slice Intelligence turns big data into actionable insights, furnishing brands and retailers with the answers to essential questions about digital commerce from a panel of over 5 million online shoppers.

Slice Intelligence uses a proprietary technology that was developed by machine-learning scientists from Stanford University who set out to solve a very difficult data problem: how to mine the mammoth volume of unstructured online shopping data from e-mail receipts from hundreds of thousands of retailers. The solution was a technology that automatically identifies e-receipts within inboxes, extracts every available data point about every purchase at the item level, normalizes measurements across retailers and structures the data into an industry-wide taxonomy and catalog. All this happens at high speed and accuracy, and is reported daily.

Slice Intelligence has the largest panel of online shoppers, which it recruits through partners who leverage the Slice API to create new online experiences, through the popular Slice shopping utility which allows shoppers to organize, track and manage their online purchases, as well as through the Unroll.Me service that reduces inbox clutter. Slice users value these benefits, and show it in the form of high ratings and very low user churn compared to traditional research panels.

The outcome is Slice Intelligence: a data set that is of unparalleled quality, granularity and comprehensiveness. Data is reported daily at the item level, by zip-code and across all retailers, all categories, on any and all devices on which a purchase was made. This is high definition data.

We believe that this “hands-off”, device-agnostic approach to measurement solves many of the challenges that have plagued online panels and household scanning panels. By measuring online shoppers "in the wild," Slice Intelligence is able to capture a complete data set from each shopper, without the gaps that inherently occur due to inconvenience, multiple device usage and panel recruitment challenges. Only Slice Intelligence measures all online purchases, using the same methodology, tied to the same consumer, including that consumer’s historical purchase patterns to reveal loyalty and switching behavior as well as basket attach rates.

Finally, it behooves us to stress the importance we place on user privacy and confidentiality. The leadership team at Slice Intelligence has many years of experience working with highly sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) and has placed strict protocols and special technological safeguards to protect all individual level data that contains PII. All data processing and reporting occurs after the data has been thoroughly cleansed and scrubbed of PII.