What is Slice Intelligence?

Slice Intelligence is high-definition data. We are the world’s first and only source of longitudinal measurement across the largest base of online consumers. We capture all digital commerce across all devices, across all categories, updated daily. Slice Intelligence is a division of Slice Technologies and is led by a team of measurement industry executives who have brought some of the most innovative and successful digital measurement products to market

How is Slice Intelligence different?

Slice Intelligence is the only service to directly measure digital commerce, across all online retailers, at the item level. Most companies rely upon panels of online users or of people who scan or take pictures of their receipts, Slice measures all online shopping activity directly gathered from consumers’ purchases. This allows us to collect more data, at a higher level of quality than those using other methods. Because we extract information from e-mail receipts, we are able to capture all purchases on any and all devices. This gives our clients a holistic view of shopping behavior, whether a consumer is online at home, at work or on their phone, shopping at their store or at a competitor's site. Slice Intelligence data is completely retailer independent, and covers all retailers, even those with whom we don’t have a business relationship. This removes all barriers to our clients getting the best competitive and marketshare data available.

How is Slice Intelligence different than any other app company that publishes the 'insights' they get from their users?

Slice Intelligence is led by a team with a deep background and expertise in digital media measurement, having held executive roles at the most respected and successful companies in the field. As a result, the data we provide to our clients is of the highest quality, using time-tested measurement methodologies, and is rigorously vetted by our team of measurement scientists and analysts. Sure, our data makes for great press releases, but more importantly, it helps our clients make great business decisions.

What is Slice's relationship with Rakuten?

Slice is an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of Rakuten and Rakuten has the same access to Slice Intelligence data as any other paying customer.

What is Slice's vision for the future?

Just as Google is synonymous with information and Facebook with social, Slice aims to win the “purchase” graph – to build the largest, most comprehensive cross-merchant data set over time, and to be the defacto arbiter of omnichannel shopper measurement; the trusted engine of the digital economy.

What was the original idea behind Slice Intelligence?

The company's founders were looking for a complicated data problem to solve, and they found the e-mail inbox, stuffed with decades of unstructured data, including a lot of valuable information about what people buy. So, they brought in a team of the best data scientists and measurement scientists to build Slice Intelligence and herald the next generation of digital commerce measurement.

Where do you get your data?

Slice Intelligence data comes from several sources, including the receipts in the e-mail inboxes of consumers who use the popular Slice online shopping service, Slice, and through strategic partners, including users of Slice’s API platform. Each e-mailed receipt contains a treasure trove of data, all of which Slice extracts, parses and measures, using our proprietary Merchant Template Management (MTM) technology.

How many people are on your panel?

We have more than 5 million online shoppers under measurement, which is the largest panel of online shoppers anywhere.

How far back does your data go?

We capture purchase data from October 2012 to present.

How frequently do you report your data?

Slice Intelligence is reported daily, giving our clients the ability to quickly respond changes in pricing, competitor promotions and purchase trends.

What do you do with personal identifying information (PII) that you encounter in receipts?

The protection of privacy is of paramount importance to us. For more information on our privacy policy, please visit https://www.slice.com/privacy

When was Slice Intelligence founded?

Slice was founded in 2011. Its founders, Scott Brady, Eric Botto, Harpinder Singh Madan and Benjamin Suppe have a long history of founding successful start-ups together and remain on the executive team.

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