Apple TV sends fanboys streaming

Apple released its first upgrade to its Apple TV last Friday, and as we have come to expect with Apple launches, the first buyers of Cupertino’s the latest gadget are its biggest fans. While the average person who buys an Apple product spends $788 per year on Apple gear, those who bought the latest Apple TV spent $1,161 in the same period.

An early-adopter audience for Apple TV

More than 90 percent of the new Apple TV buyers are men, and the majority are between the ages of 35 and 44. While most streaming TV buyers across all brands fit this age and gender profile, on average, buyers of these devices are about 64 percent male—indicating an early adopter skew. Another clue: seven percent of new Apple TV buyers also purchased an Apple Watch, about five times the rate of the overall online shopping population, which is 1.3 percent.

More than 90 percent of new Apple TV buyers are men; a much higher proportion than other brands.
The majority of Apple TV buyers are between the ages of 35 and 44 years old.

Waiting in the wings for an upgrade

Among those who had purchased a TV streaming device over the past two years, most of them bought an Apple TV. However, the vast majority had not bought an Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, or Fire TV during the period. But Apple TV has not necessarily brought a new crop of buyers to this market; as Apple hasn’t introduced a major update to the AppleTV since 2011. So, anyone who bought a previous generations of the Apple TV before November 2012 would be included in this first-time buyer category.


Device Upgrades
Most buyers of the new Apple TV had not purchased a TV streaming device in the past two years.

Sales of TV streaming devices have been flat over the period, with sales only surging only during the holiday shopping period, as well as at times where prices have fallen; most notably when Amazon introduced the $35 Fire TV stick in November 2014 and when the Apple TV decreased in priced last March, from $99 to $70. With the addition of the new Apple TV, Apple has the largest share of the streaming TV hardware market, at 31 percent, followed closely by Amazon, at 28 percent.

Market Share Pre_Post
The new Apple TV put Apple ahead of Amazon in the video streaming hardware market.

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