Direct measurement of all aspects of every purchase yields the most complete and accurate data available about what people buy, where they shop, what they spend, how they pay and how these behaviors change over time.

Slice Intelligence is the only direct measurement of all digital commerce activity and customer loyalty. By collecting and cataloging actual shopping behaviors from online shoppers in the wild, Slice Intelligence precisely measures what others have only been able to approximate, revealing new insights about online shoppers and their behaviors.

This intelligence gives our clients unparalleled insights about everything their customers buy, even when shopping elsewhere, eliminating the need to use less reliable, less actionable and more expensive research methodologies.

Slice Intelligence comes from a methodology developed at Stanford that measures and catalogs all online purchases made by consumers who use the popular Slice app to manage their online shopping. This refined data collection method enables impeccable, near real-time data.

Slice Intelligence is led by a team of measurement industry executives who have brought some of the most innovative and successful digital measurement products to market. Learn more about our products here.

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