If disruption isn’t at your door, it’s on the way. We scan billions of transactional emails to offer an early warning system about companies and brands that are gaining momentum--so you can take action before they become competitors, or before it’s too late to acquire them.

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  • Disruption Detector

    Spot companies on an upward trend and identify users that drive sales performance online.

  • Competitive Concierge

    Gain cross-category visibility with unrivaled coverage of e-commerce companies you directly compete against.

  • Innovation Investment

    Take action on emerging industries and small players on the cusp of explosive growth.

Be the first to spot what’s trending

Acumen Signals uses data from transactional and promotional emails to quickly flag growth trends, and identify the buyer behavior behind the performances of rising upstarts. By applying our machine algorithms, Signals tracks new players in your industry that are on the cusp of explosive growth. This enables you to keep tabs on how well prospects or competitors are performing, and take action early.

  • Know who's buying and where they've shopped before

    Insights on shopper behavior based on transactional history.

  • Cross-category benchmarking

    Measure any company against industry or competitor averages

  • Track user growth

    Monitor online user growth as a compelling proxy for company performance.

  • Identify acquisition targets

    Track performance of promising upstarts, and take action early

  • The largest e-commerce panel

    More than 5 million online shoppers under measurement

  • Longitudinal data

    Observe changes in consumer loyalty and product adoption


    Extensive and timely industry coverage

    Comprehensive company performance with longitudinal coverage of billions of e-commerce data points from 30+ industry categories and 100,000+ merchants.


    Stay ahead of the market by tracking digital footprints

    Instantly access top 1,000 company growth trends and indicators of sales performance, based on sharp increases in unique users or historical purchase-based activities, measured from company domains.


    Benchmark newcomers against category leaders

    Gain visibility into the entire e-commerce landscape with unrivaled coverage, whether you’re evaluating wholesale categories or specific companies/brands.

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