As more online sales are attributed to marketplace sellers, brands are losing control of how they're being sold and marketed online. Acumen Marketplace illuminates this blind spot, and helps brands understand the true demand for their products across all channels.

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  • Measure Third-Party Sales

    Direct sales are shrinking. Your data doesn’t have to.

  • Real Time Data

    Accurate, complete, and at your fingertips.

  • Across all Marketplaces

    A complete view from e-commerces largest marketplaces.

A Complete View of Sales

What you don't know can hurt you. Third-party sellers are eating your lunch and mixing up your marketing mix. Pricing, promotion, and placement is up for grabs as marketplaces grow in popularity and consumers favor convenience over price.

  • Third-Party Sales

    Direct sales are shrinking. Stay ahead of the curve.

  • Brand Hygiene

    Protect your brand from incorrect descriptions.

  • Brand Policing

    Identify counterfeit or expired products being sold.

  • Keep your Customers

    Identify where third-parties are undercutting brands.

  • Sales Drivers

    Improve your SEM and product merchandizing.

  • Demographic Drivers

    Third-party sellers are growing. Grow with them.

  • Full-Market Visibility

    See your sales. All of them.

    With direct-to-buyer sales dwindling, and marketplaces on the rise, it's becoming harder to get a full view of how your products are selling. We're here to shine a light on every corner of the online channel and brighten your omnichannel strategy.

  • Sales Drivers

    Identify the places your buyers are going and why.

    Understand what is driving your customers away from your website and into the online marketplace. Identify the products that are causing this migration and build a plan of attack against it.

  • Demographic Drivers

    Keep tabs on your most critical targets.

    Millennials are changing their buying tastes and preferences and leaning more towards convenience. Don't lose the ability to measure your most valuable shoppers, and attract new buyers.

  • Reseller Compliance

    Police your brand.

    Bypass the need for an investigator agency and identify unauthorized and non-licensed retailers of your brand yourself, in real time.

Customer Story

"Slice Intelligence has been an indispensable partner in helping us to understand emerging online trends, and to substantiate key hypotheses within in e-commerce. The insights and visibility that Slice Intelligence offers are unparalleled in the industry."

— Lauren Marks, Manager, E-Commerce Shopping Experiences, Unilever

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