Amplify is the only insight and user acquisition platform built on the world’s largest repository of online purchase data. Combining high-definition data with world-class data science, Amplify reveals smart insights for precise and actionable targeting.

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  • Discover

    Learn your audience’s spending habits across retail brands

  • Benchmark

    Understand your share of spend, and how you compare to competitors

  • Acquire

    Get high-LTV audiences through curated campaigns

  • Segmentation

    Go beyond your CRM for game-changing insights

    Amplify uncovers signals above and beyond what marketers can infer from their own datasets. Paint a vivid picture of your customers to identify new monetization opportunities with actual spend and demographic data.

  • User Acquisition

    Level up your audience targeting

    Amplify serves up precise, high-value, custom seed segments for your games. Leverage our platform and deploy campaigns powered by sophisticated user affinity and predictive models.

  • Beyond CRM

    Scope the competitive landscape

    Amplify sees a sliver of every one of your competitor’s CRM data sets. Combined with our proprietary machine-learning algorithm, you can discover clusters of players that exhibit similar purchase behaviors to your highest performers.

  • Data Visualization

    Visualize beautiful relationships

    Explore, compare, and identify opportunities your competitors are capitalizing on through beautiful, interactive visualizations.

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