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Holiday update: Amazon's marketshare is up and so is shipping speed

by Taylor Stanton - December 22, 2016

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New holiday data from Slice Intelligence shows 46 percent of last week's online spending was with Amazon.com. The retailer has dominated the entire holiday season and its share increased by three percent. Best Buy returned to the second-place spot and was followed by Walmart and Apple.


shipping speeds far faster this holiday season

Last-minute shoppers will be happy to know that shipping speeds are faster this holiday season and shortening as the period progresses. The average package arrives in just three days compared to five days in 2015. Last week's speed was even faster, with packages arriving in only 2.5 days--much quicker than the 5.5 days during the same time last year.


electronics retailers have the largest average order size

Apple orders had the highest average price tag last week.  The average Apple.com purchase was $350 which is $166 more than what people spent at Best Buy and $283 more than the average online purchase. Most shoppers spent $69 last week, which closely aligns with Amazon's $67 average order size.


electronics remains the top category

Electronics are once again the top category as 21 percent of all online revenue was generated on tech buys in the past seven days. Apparel purchases follow close behind accounting for 17 percent of last week's online sales.


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